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16th April 2014 Patch: Large number of changes, includes 2 AV MANA changes (One in bug fix list), lots of other nerfs & buffs
New patch: 16 April 2014

Source: https://forums.station...16th.182835/#post-2645440

Known Issues
The loading screen will stay up longer than usual. This is to address issues with the loading screen coming down too early and certain elements not being loaded.

Major Issue Status - https://forums.station...major-live-issues.179848/

64-bit Client
64 bit client is back! This should be a significant reduction in client crashes, but we still have more to fix.

Server Crashes
All known server crashes fixed.

New Carbines
The following Carbines have been added to fill existing holes in itemization.

NCAF-4A Bandit
Designed with mobility in mind, the lightweight alloys that make up Auraxis Firearm’s AF-A4 Bandit allows for faster movement while aiming without compromising on stopping power in close to medium ranges.

TR HC1 Cougar
The Terran Republic’s Heavy Carbine project resulted in the HC1 Cougar. Utilizing a higher caliber cartridge than its LC cousins, the Cougar possesses unparalleled stopping power amongst other Terran carbines up to medium range.

VS Zenith VX-5
Vanu Labs’ close-to-midrange Zenith VX-5 uses advanced crystalline structures to significantly reduce weight without compromising on strength. It features both precision hipfire and increased movement speed while aiming.

Straight Pull Bolt Attachments
New attachment have been added to bolt action sniper rifles that allow you to stay scoped while bolting the rifle. (Apparently a few of you wanted this released...)

Quality of Life and Balance

-The TR LC2 Lynx carbine has been completely revamped
--Very few weapons are able to touch the Lynx’s incredible rate of fire. Featuring a cyclic rate of 910 RPM, the LC2 Lynx tears through infantry at close to medium ranges.
-Unintentionally falling short distances will no longer apply jump penalties or force a weapon out of iron sights.
-Lifespan of AV MANA turret projectile has been reduced from 10 seconds to 4.75 seconds. This makes the maximum range of the MANA turret around 450 meters.
-Both Engineer turret models have been slightly adjusted to have tighter collision.
-The amount of the player’s head exposed on NC and VS anti-infantry Engineer turrets now matches the TR.
-All ranks of TR MAX Lockdown now deploy and undeploy faster
--Deploy times reduced from 2.5 to 2.0 seconds
-Zealot Overdrive Engine
--ZOE max rank now lowers the MAXs resistance to small arms fire by 5% instead of 10%. All ranks: 9/8/7/6/5% reduction.
--Comet direct damage while under the effects of ZOE increased from 347 and 375. Max damage range increased from 10 to 15 meters. Min damage range increased from 50 to 85 meters.
-Knife damage has been reduced from 625 to 500. The previous damage value was compensating for the old Nanoweave functionality where players could have up to 1250 health and is too high now that players cap out at 1000 health (not counting abilities).

Vehicle Changes

-All Vehicles Nanite Auto Repair
--Additional ranks no longer reduce the delay
--The delay is 12 seconds across all ranks
-All Vehicles Night Vision Optics
--Night vision adjusted to have a longer range and a slightly brighter green
-Flash Stealth Certification
--Reduced to 4 ranks like other vehicles
--The certification line has been reset and previously spent points have been refunded
--The benefit at max rank for the new line remains the same as the previous max rank
-Magrider Magburner
--Increased regeneration rate of lower ranks
--Seconds required to fully regenerate from 60/48/34/20 going down to 35/30/25/20
-Vanguard Shield
--Amount blocked by shield reduced from 3000 to 2000
--Duration of shield has been normalized across all ranks to be 6 seconds (when it is not destroyed via damage)
-Prowler Anchored Mode
--Projectile speed is now normalized at +30% across all ranks
-Stock armor damage reduction increased from 37% to 39%
-This mostly makes some sources of damage less spikey
-Most big hitting weapons still destroy in the same amount of hits
-Stock resistance to infantry small arms increased from 80% to 82%
--With the stock armor changes this places the resistance to this type 50% of the way back towards the pre-PU02 values
-Harasser turbo now consumes 50% less fuel while active, allowing for a longer boost
--This is the pre-pu02 value
-Turbo is now standard on all Harassers.
--This frees up the utility slot for other options.
--The certification line still exists, but as a passive bonus

Vehicle Weapon Tuning

M20 Basilisk
Basilisk is performing too well at long ranges.
-Reduced minimum damage range from 130 to 100 meters (Sunderer and tank version only)
-Projectile speed reduced from 600 meters per second to 550 (all versions)
M12 Kobalt
Needs improvements to be a more competitive load out option. While certainly effective as a long range anti personnel weapon, it gives up a lot to do so. The changes below should improve that role and make it more effective against light armor.
-Minimum damage increased from 143 to 154
-Minimum damage range decreased from 130 to 110 (Tank and Sunderer versions only)
-Projectile speed increased from 600 meters per second to 650
-Pitch up limit increased from 65 degrees to 80 (same as walker and ranger)
C85 Canister
Still could use improvements in the anti-personnel and anti-light armor rolls.
-Removed CoF penalty (pellet spread remains)
-Downward elevation range increased from 17 degrees to 35, (25 to 35 degrees on Harassers) allowing the close range weapon to hit stuff at close range
-Stock magazine size increased from 8 to 10
--The following changes are intended to extend the range of 2 shot kills by a few meters
--Headshot multiplier increased from 1.5 to 2
--Legshot multiplier decreased from 0.9 to 0.95
-Minimum damage range increased from 40 meters to 42 (30 to 31 on Harasser variant)
-ESF resistance to the C85 canister lowered from 80% to 75%
-Harasser resistance to the C85 canister lowered from 72% to 69%
Saron HRB
It is too effective as an anti-infantry weapon.
-Blast damage reduced from 367 damage to 200 damage (334 to 200 for Harasser version)
-This makes it require 3 direct hits to drop non infiltrators instead of 2.
-Inner blast damage radius increased from 0.5 meters to 1 meter
Enforcer ML85
It is too strong in the anti-tank category. The below changes should bring it closer in line with other weapons like the Halberd.
-Magazine size reduced from 10 to 8
-Reload speed increased from 3 seconds to 3.25 seconds
-Ammo capacity decreased from 100 to 80
-Ammo capacity per rank decreased from 10 to 8
G30 Vulcan
The Vulcan is missing too many shots at 100 meters.
-Increasing COF sight range from 75 meters to 100 meters
G40-F Ranger
Needs to perform a little bit better
-Camera and muzzle flash has been adjusted to block less of the reticule
-Flak damage increased from 45 to 50
-Ammo capacity being increased from 490 rounds to 800
-Ammo capacity per rank increased from 16 to 70
Lightning C75 Viper
The weapon is too effective in both anti-tank and anti-personnel. Both aspects are being toned down
-Direct hit reduced from 400 to 345 damage
--This makes it so all HEAT cannons kill faster than the C75 viper.
-Blast damage reduced from 600 to 500 damage
--This reduces the radius for two hit kills by 0.5 meters
--Can no longer one hit kill infantry on a direct hit
Prowler P2-120 HEAT
The double barrel is too effective against personnel; the following changes are intended to bring it more in line.
-Blast damage reduced from 700 damage to 650 damage
-Inner blast damage radius reduced from 1.5 meters to 1 meter
-The above two changes reduce the effective two hit kill radius by 0.5 meters
Prowler P2-120 HE
Similar to the HEAT version, the damage is a bit too high, for the HE we are just adjusting the damage.
-Blast damage reduced from 700 damage to 650 damage
Liberator L-24R Spur
-CoF reduced from 0.75 degrees to 0.3 degrees.
Liberator Dual-75 Duster
-Reduced maximum CoF from 8 degrees to 6 degrees.
Air Hammer, M14 Banshee, AP30 Shredder
-Bullet impact FX has been updated to have a small explosion, to better represent that these fire explosive rounds.
M18 Needler:
-Increased magazine size
-Magazine size increased from 70 to 75
-Ammo resupply rate increased from 140 to 150 per tick
-Ammo capacity increased from 840 to 900
-Ammo per rank increased from 70 to 75
M40 Fury:
-Increased ammo resupply rate
-Flash variant increased from 8 to 16
-Harasser variant increased from 8 to 24
-Sunderer variant increased from 8 to 32

Infantry Weapon Tuning

Carnage AR
Lowering the muzzle velocity to match this weapon’s short-to-medium range role.
-Muzzle velocity lowered from 600 to 580
This weapon had a lower total recoil magnitude than weapons with a slower rate of fire. The below recoil increase corrects this.
-Vertical recoil increased from 0.3 to 0.31
-Projectile velocity increased from 580 to 620 to match this weapon’s longer range role.
Gauss SAW S
-Faster equip rate, both base and when a forward grip is attached.
Recoil recovery is being slowed down to match the general pattern of high-capacity, high-RPM (per damage class) LMGs having the lowest in class recoil recovery. This change makes the weapon more consistent with other LMGs.
-Recoil recovery slowed down from 13 to 12
The opposite of the above. Recoil recovery is being improved to match this weapon’s lower rate of fire and longer range role.
-Recoil recovery is faster, from 12 to 13
AF-4 Cyclone
Small short reload adjustment to get this weapon’s damage over time output more aligned with the SMG standard. Increasing recoil because this weapon is performing too well at range.
-Short reload increased from 1.75 to 1.855
-Vertical recoil increased from 0.22 to 0.24
-Min horizontal recoil increased from 0.2 to 0.212
-Max horizontal recoil increased from 0.3 to 0.304
LA8 Rebel
Improving reload speeds to correct this weapon taking too large of a damage over time penalty.
-Short reload is faster, from 1.8 to 1.7 seconds
-Long reload is faster, from 1.5 to 1.4 seconds
NC05 Jackhammer
This weapon is outputting too much damage over time when using the faster firing single-shot mode. The below reload adjustments correct this.
-Short reload increased from 2.6 to 2.7 seconds
-Long reload increased from 3.65 to 3.7 seconds

Cycler TRV
The below recoil adjustments are a small increase to overall accuracy.
-Min horizontal recoil reduced from 0.275 to 0.272
-max horizontal recoil reduced from 0.3 to 0.295
-Projectile speed increased from 600 to 620 to match this weapon’s longer range role.
T1B Cycler
-Increasing ammo to 42 so that the burst count matches up.
T1S Cycler
-Short reload increased from 2.7 to 2.52 seconds to better align the damage over time output with the S-class weapon standard.
Very small recoil adjustment and damage over time increase when using the short reload.
-Max horizontal recoil reduced from 0.3 to 0.297
-Short reload is faster, from 3.0 to 2.97 seconds
-Fixed the weapon being held in a slightly different position in the single-shot hip-fire fire mode. Small adjustment to overall hip-fire held position so the weapon transitions to aimed mode smoother.
TRAC-5 Burst
-Increasing ammo to 42 so that the burst count matches up.
-Short reload is faster, from 2.7 to 2.595 seconds to better align the damage over time output with the S-class weapon standard.
LC3 Jaguar
The below recoil adjustments are a small increase to overall accuracy
-Min horizontal recoil reduced from 0.245 to 0.243
-Max horizontal recoil reduced from 0.275 to 0.273
Reducing max horizontal recoil to better match the ROF tradeoff when compared to the base CARV.
-Max horizontal recoil reduced from 0.225 to 0.2119
-Fixed the muzzle flash being different in burst and single-shot fire modes
T32 Bull
-Short reload faster, from 3.195 seconds to 2.890 seconds
-Muzzle velocity increased from 600 to 670
SMG-46 Armistice
The below recoil adjustments are a small increase to overall accuracy
-Min horizontal recoil dropped from 0.35 to 0.347
-Max horizontal recoil dropped from 0.4 to 0.376
-Bullet speed increased from 360 to 370
PDW-16 Hailstorm
-Max horizontal recoil dropped from 0.35 to 0.331
-Recoil recovery increased from 18 to 20. Now tied with the NS-7 PDW for best in class.
-Bullet speed increased from 335 to 360
T7 Mini-Chaingun
Small increase to starting (pre-spool) refire rate. The fully spooled up fire rate remains the same.
-This weapon now has a fixed cone of fire when using the aimed fire mode.
-The hip cone of fire is now capped at 3 (standard is 7).
-Added a Ballistic Rapid Refire Toggle attachment
--The Ballistic Rapid Refire Toggle overclocks the Mini-Chaingun's motor drive, allowing it to both spin up faster and increasing its rate of fire.
T2 Striker
-Max projectile speed increased from 100 meters per second to 125

Lowering the muzzle velocity to match this weapon’s short-to-medium range role.
-Bullet velocity reduced from 590 to 570
Increasing overall accuracy
-Bullet velocity increased from 630 to 670
-First shot recoil reduced from 2.5 to 2.0
-Max horizontal recoil reduced from 0.225 to 0.22
Corvus VA55
Improving accuracy of the initial burst.
-First shot recoil reduced from 1.85 to 1.75
Serpent VE92
Like the NC’s GD-7F, this weapon had a lower total recoil magnitude than weapons with a slower rate of fire. The below recoil increase corrects this.
-Vertical recoil increased from 0.245 to 0.255
-First shot recoil increased from 2.75 to 3.0
Lowering the muzzle velocity to match this weapon’s short-to-medium range role.
-Projectile velocity reduced from 615 to 570
Lowering the recoil recovery to match this weapon being a more closer range LMG (0.75x move speed + better than average hipfire).
-Recoil recovery reduced from 13 to 12
The below recoil adjustment improves accuracy.
-Max horizontal recoil reduced from 0.1875 to 0.182
Eridani SX5
The below recoil adjustment improves accuracy.
-Max horizontal recoil reduced from 0.4 to 0.392
Improving reload speeds to correct this weapon taking too large of a damage over time penalty.
-Short reload is faster, from 2.1 to 2.0 seconds
-Long reload is faster, from 1.75 to 1.65 seconds
-Reduced suppressor muzzle velocity penalty to match this weapon having a lower than average base velocity

Coramed Labs Updated
Revamped Coramed Labs and surrounding area on Indar. Combat between Dahaka and Indar Excavation is much more enjoyable.

Update to Reaver texture, empire colors, and camo patterns.
Fixed Reaver viper fin skinning bug.
Defend Missions will once again be created if enemy population is significant in a vulnerable facility. Defend missions once again require the enemy presence to be significantly reduced before the mission will end.
Capture status for the current facility will now always show when a player is in the facility area regardless of whether that facility is the player’s current mission.

Bugs Fixed
Fixed various client and zone crashes
You will no longer play the death animation in the spawn tube after respawning.
Fixed various art and terrain issues on Indar, Amerish, and Esamir. Includes fixes to missing textures, gaps in terrain, missing or floating turrets on bases, holes you can get stuck in, rocks inside buildings, and even the replacement of entirely missing buildings.
Fixed missiles fired from the AV Mana turret not being visible to other players.
Decals will once again display correctly on the Harasser.
Dalton and Zephyr now have different sound effects.
Updated the Harasser turbo tooltip to be more accurate.
Hornet missiles should no longer appear to come from the cockpit of the plane when fired in first person.
Flashlights will no longer force players to hold the gun in the ready to fire position while sprinting.
Infantry should no longer be able to move vehicles by jumping from underneath them.
Magazine now falls out of NS semi auto sniper on reload.
Fixed various animation issues.

2nd April 2014 Patch: 64 Bit Client launch, Missions system adjustments/fixes
Some folks have reported performance problems and issues launching the game.

Get this: I also saw mention of a hotfix to correct INVISIBLE Reavers. Now that's a stealth buff!

Source: https://forums.station...tenance-april-2nd.180843/

All servers will come down for scheduled maintenance beginning at 6:00 AM PT (2 PM CET). Players may note the following changes.

Major Issue Status - https://forums.station...major-live-issues.179848/
Area de-synchronization (players entering and existing areas causing areas) fix
64 bit client implemented

64-bit Client
If you’re running a 64 bit operating system, you’ll be running with the 64 bit client. If you’re running a 32 bit operating system, you’ll be running with the 32 bit client. This should cut down on memory related client crashes.

New Items added to Depot!
New non-Player Studio Camos are available for purchase Right Meow.
A plethora of Player Studio items have been added to the release schedule. Coming soon: Lots more helmets, decals, and many of the camos that you’ve been pining for all these years.

Missions Adjustments/Fixes
Defend missions will temporarily no longer use enemy population as a condition to trigger or end the Defend mission. This is to fix an issue causing Defend missions to not end properly and resulted bogus missions. This should reduce the number of missions available and result in more stable and predictable mission behavior.
Mission update delay when crossing region borders has been adjusted to reduce frequently changing missions.
-Aircraft are 30 seconds (up from 20)
-Ground vehicles are 18 seconds (up from 10)
-Infantry are 10 seconds (up from 8.)
VO will now be played when a point is captured or lost at the mission’s facility.

Instant action drop pods will now be limited to areas around bases on Indar and Esamir. This change was already made on Amerish.
Optimized the art for the Reaver.
Update to Reaver texture, empire colors, and camo patterns.

Bugs Fixed
Mouse clicks will close the death recap screen.
Fixed cases where reinforcement and instant action spawn points would not show up appropriately.
Reaver fins should display empire color (small coverage) and camo.
Adjusted the location on the model of the NS sniper rifle strap ring.
Fixed an issue where capture points could flip factions regardless of players being in the area.
Fixed an issue when ALT tabbing or mouse clicking out of the client, the mouse will still interact with the game
Client crash fixed

27th March 2014 Patch - Missions System and a few tweaks.
Quite a light patch from an outsider perspective, bet that's not what it felt like within the dev team though.

All servers will come down for scheduled maintenance beginning at 6:00 AM PT (2 PM CET). Players may note the following changes.

Members Only Double Experience Weekends!
As a thank you to our loyal members starting this week, double XP weekends once a month starting now! Thanks again, we couldn’t make this game without you guys!

Still in Progress:

Major Issue Status:

Input latency fix.
Give us feedback.

Area desync fix.
We’ll be monitoring results on live.

Straight Pull Bolts:
We’re still implementing your feedback from their time on Test. We know you are anxious to get them in game and we hope to have them out soon, but we also want them to be awesome.


Missions Phase 1
Two types of Missions, which are automatically created by the system:
-Attack missions are always created at any capturable enemy facility.
-Defend missions will be created if there is significant enemy presence at a vulnerable friendly facility or a friendly facility is being contested. They will not end until that enemy presence has been removed and the facility is fully resecured.
Mission Assignment
-Missions are automatically created and assigned based on proximity to capturable/contested facilities. Players wishing a different mission can go to the region of choice and the appropriate mission will be automatically assigned.
-The closest mission to the player’s region by lattice-links is the primary selection logic, then action scoring if there is more than one.
-Players in vehicles (especially aircraft) will experience delays in mission assignment as a convenience to avoid rapid re-assignment spam while travelling around a continent.
Squads & Missions
-Players in a squad always inherit their squad leader’s mission. No action by the squad leader is necessary for this behavior.
-The rules for squad leader mission assignment are the same as players not in a squad.
Mission Rewards
-Players in a squad that are in the area of their squad’s mission will receive a 15% experience bonus for staying together and participating in the squad’s mission.
-There is currently no reward for completing a mission for this phase of the system.

UI Changes
The Mission information panel is now above the Minimap in the HUD. This panel contains the target mission, distance, and direction.
If the player is in the target facility area the direction and distance indicator is replaced by capture point status and progress.
If the player’s target mission is on another continent the direction and distance is replaced by the continent name.
The Mission Waypoint will always direct players to the currently assigned facility mission.
The Mission Waypoint will be hidden while the player is in the facility area of the target facility mission.

Death Screen
Minor modifications and polish to the layout.
Personal Stats now appear on the Suicide screen.
Life stats now stay in the Session stats panel. Previously they were transitioning out to quickly to be perceived.
Messaging has been added to let you know when you’re being revived while on the death screen.

Lowered the respawn time after redeploy from 15 to 5 seconds
Increased presence of membership status to highlight those benefits.

Removed SMS payment support.

Bugs Fixed
WDS Dominator titles should appear correctly for previous winners.
Fixed laser sight attachments on the MKV Suppressed having grenade launcher attachment descriptions.
Flashes should no longer have the wrong faction decal.
Multiple environment bugs fixed (special thanks to player DarkTexas for all the help on Test server)

20th March 2014 Patch - Assist XP fixed/changed, adjustments to supressor & velocity ammo, small Amerish adjustments, the Crown, Hvar (& sats), Sandstone Gulch changes
Source: https://forums.station...enance-march-20th.178795/

I'm getting a bit iffy about creating 4 new topics every month in the forums section (1 for each patch), so from next month onwards I'll run a single topic per month - EG "April Patch Notes 2014" - to stop the public forums section from getting clogged up by patch note topics. The front page will still be 1 news post per patch though.

The tech they were working on that allows changes to be made to a continent without having to update the whole continent file during patch should be online now, so any base changes shouldn't result in a massive patch download.

All servers will come down for scheduled maintenance beginning at 6:00 AM PT (2 PM CET). Players may note the following changes.

The few remaining stragglers who couldn't take the class quiz on all their characters should have that ability now.
Players who didn’t get cert point rewards when they earned medals should now have those certs upon login.

Instant Action will deploy you in predefined spots per outpost.
An updated map is now available.
Fixed Terrain bugs throughout Amerish. Notable:
--Fixed a hole at Sungrey
--Fixed occlusion issues at The NC Arsenal
--Removed all deprecated objects from Amerish (no more pink barrels)
--Fixed Flora issues at Westpass Watchtower
--Fixed floating rocks at Shrouded Skyway
Added Vehicle spawn and ammo tower to Subterranean Nanite Analysis.
Added another lift up to the bridge at Auraxis Firearms.
Added a jump pad at Onatha Southwest Gate.
Fixed many cosmetic bugs where objects were clipping, flora was indoors, there were terrain gaps, there were missing textures, and water wasn’t quite right.

Indar & Esamir
Hex boundaries for regions on Indar have been updated.
Hex boundaries for regions on Esamir have been updated.
It is easier to attack The Crown from the North. Added a path up the hill for Sunderers, and a path up near the bridge to the West.
Gameplay improvements to the area around Hvar Tech plant, including changes to Quartz Ridge and Sandstone Gulch, as well as the Hvar Satellite outposts.


Velocity Ammunition changes
Velocity ammo now gives a more noticeable damage increase at range. The damage increase differs per weapon, but in general the minimum damage range has been increased by ~80% on carbines and ~40% on all other weapon types when compared to previous velocity ammo values.
Fixed a bug where velocity ammo sometimes did not increase projectile speed on carbines.

Suppressor attachment changes
Reduced penalty to the minimum damage range when a suppressor is equipped on all primary weapons except SMGs.

Pistol-specific suppressor tuning changes
NC LA8 Rebel: Reduced the maximum damage range penalty by 3.5 meters when a suppressor is equipped
VS Cerberus: Reduced the maximum damage range penalty by 1 meter and the minimum damage range penalty by 10 meters when a suppressor is equipped
Fixed the TX2 Emperor & TS2 Inquisitor sounding like NC weapons when suppressed. They now play TR-specific audio.

Head hit box increased slightly so that it better matches the larger helmets.
Adjustments to arm hit boxes so that they're less likely to block the head during certain animations.
The pool for assist XP is now equal to the kill value. Ex. a 500 point Magrider that you do 50% damage to will award 250 points.
The death screen now waits for the death animation to play before being displayed.

Bugs Fixed

Light Assault Jump Jets will once again continue to function after using the Phoenix Rocket Launcher.
Anyone who earned a WDS title should now see it in their title list.
Fixed a bug with boost timers telling time incorrectly.
Client crash fix.
Client memory leak fix.

13 March 2014 Patch, Death Screen changes, Liberator changes, AA changes (Walker/Ranger), many fixes
(Note I'm stripping out a number of comments that RadarX adds for comedic purposes, because that's how I roll, for the whole thing go to the source link)
Source: https://forums.station...e-march-13th-6-am.177481/

All servers will be unavailable beginning at 6:00 AM PT (2 PM CET) for maintenance. Players may note the following changes:

Death Screen Revamp
The death screen has been redone to provide more information. The following can now be seen:
-A minimap displaying the killer’s relative position to yours. The killer’s position will only be revealed if the killer was previously spotted. In the case where the killer was not spotted, only the general direction of the killer will be shown.
-The killer’s and assister’s weapon attachments
-The killer’s and assister’s last completed medal for the weapon they killed you with
-Your current progress towards your next medal and ribbon for your primary and secondary weapon
-Up to 3 upcoming medals
-Various session stats
-A graph and XP event feed that summarizes your last life
-In the case where you did not register any significant XP events a helpful tip will be shown instead of a graph.
-The death screen can now stay up indefinitely. You can press any key to continue to the deployment screen after a couple seconds, however.

Liberator Update

New Liberator Nose Gun: L24R Spur:
-The L24R Spur is equipped with specialized optics that allows the pilot to adjust the weapons aim rather than be fixed forward.
New tail gun: Hyena Missile Launcher:
-Hyena Missiles are compact, short range missiles that are dumb-fired, but will lock-on to enemy aircraft if they get close enough and inflict light damage.
New Belly Gun: D-75 Duster
-The D-75 Duster is equipped with dual 75mm cannons that fire HE shells. While able to quickly unload its magazine of ten shells, each shot decreases targeting accuracy unless given time to recover. This allows the D-75 to feather accurate shots, or unload the magazine and bombard a wider area.

Tail Gun Improvements
The liberator tail gun has been adjusted to give it increased firing angles. It can now rotate 180 degrees but is forced to aim down when facing towards the front of the Liberator. This gives it some additional coverage to the bottom and sides of the Liberator.

Liberator Composite Armor:
Composite armor now increases resistance to HEAT rounds, AP rounds and light anti-vehicle rounds (Zepher & Bulldog). We are also upping the lower ranks against flak. (Would you believe us if we said it was just dense aluminum foil?)
-Flak resistance changed from (4/6/8/10) to (7/8/9/10) each rank
-HEAT and AP round resistance added (15/20/25/30) each rank
-Dalton Blast Damage resistance added (35/40/45/50) each rank
-Light Tank Rounds resistance added (10/15/20/25) each rank

C150 Dalton
-Inner radius blast damage decreased from 1000 damage to 700 damage.
-In cases where this causes an increase in direct hits required to kill a target, the resistance to this damage was adjusted so that it remains the same. Except for Liberators, Liberators will now be set on fire after two direct Dalton hits instead of destroyed.

The fall off damage on the Vektor is being adjusted so it is not as steep and its reload certification is being improved.
Minimum damage increased from 150 damage to 225.
Reload Speed Certification is now -0.2 seconds per rank up from -0.12 seconds

A30/G30 Walker
We are increasing damage done within 125 meters and upping the minimum damage slightly. Between 125 and 400 meters the weapon will be near identical to the previous version.
-Maximum damage increased from 115 to 130.
-Max damage range decreased from 175 meters to 50 meters.
-Minimum damage increased from 75 to 85.
-Minimum fall off range decreased from 500 meters to 400 meters.

G40-F Ranger
Weapon is underperforming, receiving the following adjustments. (No shit sherlock - Larington)
-Magazine size increased from 32 rounds to 70 rounds.
-Flak damage increased from to 38 damage to 45 damage.

Liberator Belly Gun Adjustments:
The “dead zone” when pointing the weapon straight down has been reduced by 5 degrees.

Misc Balance Adjustments
Liberator Racer Airframe
Increased cruising speed: Previously it was ~7 KPH per rank for a total of 20 KPH at max rank. It has been increased to ~11 KPH per rank for a total of ~35 KPH at max rank.
Liberator Stealth (and Galaxy)
The lock-on time increase for Liberator and Galaxy stealth certifications has increased from 0.25 seconds per rank to 0.375 seconds.
Liberator Afterburner
Initial fuel cost (the additional fuel cost consumed when activating the afterburner) reduced to 25% of the tanks capacity down from 33%.
Reduced the amount of fuel consumed per second.
-Previously a full burn was around 1.5 seconds
-Now a full burn is around 3 seconds

Shared Vehicle XP
Experience for kills are now shared amongst the entire crew of a vehicle, this includes all gunners and passengers (but passengers receive a smaller amount).
Experience for assists are now shared amongst the entire crew of a vehicle, excluding passengers. This amount is usually less than the amount awarded for the actual assist.

Station Cash prices have been added to Infantry Weapon optics.

The “Light anti-tank resistance” has been adjusted on several vehicles. “Light anti-tank” includes L105 Zepher, M40 Fury, M60 Bulldog and Underbarrel Grenade Launchers.
-Liberator resistance to light anti-tank increased from 0% to 35%
-Galaxy resistance to light anti-tank increased from 25% to 50%
-Lightning resistance to light anti-tank decreased from 40% to 30%
This change reduces some extreme damage these weapons were able to do against Liberators and Galaxies. While on the other side the Lightning was too resilient against this type of damage, able to withstand as much punishment as a MBT could.

Liberators are receiving a few base line resistance increases against heavy hitting damage types.
-Liberator base resistance to Armor Piercing Rounds increased from -20% to 10%
-Liberator base resistance to HEAT rounds damage increased from -33% to 10%.
-Liberator resistance to non lock-on rocket launchers (decimator & default launchers) increased from -87.5% to -70%
The above changes cause:
-Two Dalton rounds to now put a Liberator in burning state rather than outright destroy it.
-Armor piercing tank shells will do less damage per hit, but will still kill in the same amount of hits (except for the lightning AP, which will take one more hit).
-HEAT rounds require one more shot than their AP counterparts (except for lightning HEAT, which will critical instead).
-Decimators will no longer two shot Liberators, instead two shots will place it in critical damage.

Maintained lock weapons (A2A missiles and Striker) can now maintain an already established lock against aircraft 300 meters beyond the maximum acquire range (400 meters).
Reduced head collision size to lower the amount of unearned headshots.
The motion sensor now can be resupplied from engi ammo packs and now auto-swaps to a weapon after deployment.
Fixed Phantom VA23 having the incorrect iron sight transition time. It is now at the same faster speed as the other two empires.

The Class Quiz can now be completed on each of your characters.
Coyote Missiles have been updated with new reticule.
Camo can now be applied to heal and repair tools.
Laid some groundwork for future Flash tuning improvements. These changes should be imperceivable in this update.

Bugs Fixed
VO callouts will now play all the time instead of randomly stopping.
AF-8 RailJack forward grip is no longer errantly available in the VR training room.
On Amerish at The Scarf Reliquary, now has a pain field present in the spawn room.
Platoon leaders can once again kick out players from the drop menu on the platoon screen.
Tank turrets will have camo applied.
Fixed an issue where the minimap compass was off by 45 degrees.
Fixed an issue where the aiming of vehicle weapons would be off if you switched seats.
Garage shields will now be the correct color from all distances.
Weapons and helmets will now cloak correctly at very close ranges.
Head selections will no longer disappear in character create.
Loadout dropdown menu on the deploy screen will no longer overlap the deploy button.
MANA Anti-Vehicle Turret now has a more appropriate icon in the stats page.
Medics should no longer call out to allies when they throw a heal or revive grenade.
Players should no longer call out when repairing their own vehicle from the rumble seat.

27th February Patch - Empire specific sniper rifles, merging of camos (non-single use type), various balance adjustments
Source: https://forums.station...-6-am-pt-3-pm-cet.175209/

PlanetSide 2 will be unavailable beginning at 6:00 AM for a game update.

Downtime Start: 6 AM PT (3 PM CET) *Time Zone Converter
Server Status:

Patch Notes:
Known Issues:

If you bought a camo very recently before the update, your camo may not have been converted to the full set (vehicle, infantry and weapon) yet. Next week, we will be doing another operation to convert the rest. (We’re doing this to reduce game downtime.)

EU Server Issue

Adjustment to the way logins are processed which should reduce the long login issue and instability. (We’re not done working on this issue, but it’s another important step.

-Starting the game now puts you in the deploy screen instead of at the warpgate
-Players can now select to spawn at a reinforcement point on another continent if there are no open reinforcement points on their current continent.
-The closest spawn point to the squad leader is now available across zones

Revive Timer
-Player corpses now have a 30 second decay timer. If the dead player is not revived before this timer then their corpse will be removed from the world and that player is no longer reviveable.
-Successful revives now have a player-facing 10 second accept/decline timer. If this timer reaches zero then the revive is declined and that player's corpse is removed from the world.
-Medics will now see the revive icon blinking as feedback when an ally player’s corpse decay timer is getting short.

Camo Consolidation
-Camos for weapons, vehicles, and armor have been consolidated into one item.
-All players who have purchased a camo in the past will now be able to equip that camo in all slots (if applicable; a small amount of camos have faction, vehicle, or weapon restrictions)
-Single Use camos are not included in this change.

Class Quiz and Starter Loadouts
-A class quiz has been added to help new players figure out which class to try first. Completing the quiz gives a reward for the class selected. All players can take the quiz when logging in to a warpgate.
-Each class now begins the game with two unlocked loadout slots. These loadouts have been geared to expose each classes roles.
-Existing players will have receive the additional loadout and any new items added to starter gear as part of the new loadouts

Sniper Rifles

New faction unique sniper rifles!

NC AF-8 RailJack

Cutting edge railgun tech found in Auraxis' Firearms Railjack sniper rifle allows for lightning-fast bullet velocities. Distant targets are dropped almost instantly following a split-second charge-up delay from its powerful superconductor.


Multiple firing modes on the TRAP-M1 give it incredible flexibility on the field. In addition to standard semi-auto fire, it utilizes a 2x burst mode for accurate long-range kills, with an additional higher RPM 3x burst mode for closer targets.

VS Phaseshift VX-S

Equipped with an experimental regenerating power core, the Phaseshift VX-S can be fired indefinitely with proper trigger discipline, or held down to fire a powerful overcharge shot. Reloading the core will cool down an overheated Phaseshift.

New common pool Nanite Systems scout rifle:

NS-30 Vandal
Thanks to its lightweight frame and stabilized barrel, the NS-30 Vandal scout rifle features accurate fire and superior mobility while aimed, making it a common choice for aggressive, mid-range infiltration.

VO Packs and VO Improvements

VO Packs can now be purchased and the new voice can be selected on the profile screen. Voice packs are specific to faction and gender.
Added occasional, contextual, automatic voice callouts:
-Tossing grenade
-Target-specific kill callouts (infantry, MAX, sunderer, etc)
-Friendly fire warning

-Un-owned boosts can now be viewed and purchased from the boost equip screen
-Icons for each player’s class are now displayed on the passenger list
-UI cleanup to the notifications menu
-Horn audio can now be previewed.
-The minimap/objective area of the HUD has been rearranged in anticipation of the Missions system
-Sunderer No Deploy zones added to the Light Bridges at Heyoka Chemical Lab. They block deployment regardless of faction.
-Nighttime on Amerish shortened and brightened. Now similar to other continents.
-Redistributed infantry and areospace resources in regions around the southern warpgate on Amerish.


The NC Gauss SPR & Impetus, TR 99SV & KSR-35, VS VA39 Spectre & Phantom VA23 semi-auto sniper rifles have been improved to allow faster follow-up shots. They are also receiving an increase to damage at range and damage over time.

-Recoil recovers faster, from 5 to 6
-Cone of fire bloom per shot improved from 1.0 per shot to 0.8 per shot
-Min damage improved from 334 at 75 meters to 334 at 85 meters
-Long reload is now faster, from 3.3 to 2.975 seconds
-Short reload is now faster, from 2.22 to 2.125 seconds
-Hip cone of fire improved: min = 5.5, max = 6.5
-In addition to the above, the NC Gauss SPR, TR 99SV, VS VA39 Spectre have had an additional recoil reduction. Vertical recoil reduced from 1.3 to 1.2 per shot.

TR 99SV & TSAR-42
Adjusted weapon position in hip so that they block less of the screen and have a smoother transition into scoped mode

TR KSR-35 & VS Phantom VA23
Now transition to iron sights faster

Semi-Auto Scout Rifles have received a damage over time increase when emptying the magazine. This includes the NC AF-6 Shadow, TR HSR-1, and VS Nyx VX31
-Reload is now faster, from 2.76 to 2.4 seconds
-Ammunition capacity increased from 12/72 to 12/84
-Increased NC AF-6 Shadow and TR HSR-1 muzzle velocity to 570 m/s
-Corrected VS Nyx VX31 muzzle velocity being set too high. It is now at 540 m/s as listed in the 02/13 patch notes

Battle rifle muzzle velocity is now faster
NC Warden & TR AMR-66 projectile velocity increased from 500 to 600
VS Eidolon VE33 projectile velocity increased from 500 to 570

NC AF-18 Stalker, TR SOAS-20, VS Artemis VX26
These no longer use sniper tracers or flyby audio. They now use carbine style tracers.

Bug Fixes
-Engagement Radar will now track enemies that are no longer on the minimap
-Fixed reinforcement spawn points and instant action not working correctly on Amerish
-You should no longer be able to fall between the terrain and building structure at Split Peak Pass
-Fixed issues at Ikanam Garrison with spawning underground and broken teleporters
-Fixed issues at Ikanam Biolab where the airpad wouldn’t resupply and the jump pads were jacked.
-Fixed the gravity pads and missing collision at Mekala Cart Mining
-Removed some pesky pink barrels at Deep Core Geolab
-Fixed an issue where single use camos could not be unequipped
-Fixed a bug where the option to resupply or equip frag grenades is removed once the player runs out of their purchased amount
-Fixed confirmation window having the wrong text when unlocking crossbow bolt attachments
-Fixed standard spawn locations being incorrect when death happens while out of bounds

20th February 2014 Patch, Americh m8s!
Source: https://forums.station...-6-am-pt-3-pm-cet.174054/

Downtime Start: 6 AM PT (3 PM CET) *Time Zone Converter
Downtime ETA: Up to 3 hours

Patch Notes:
Amerish Revamp

-Implemented the Lattice system
-Performance pass
-Separated the Facility Satellites into independent outposts
-Added 9 brand new outposts!
-Updated, polished and/or reconstructed every outpost on the continent
-Added the multi-cap point Amp Station at Sungrey
-Improved roads throughout the map for easier travel
-Updated resource rewards to maintain resource clusters on the updated Amerish continent
-Increased major facility resource rewards on Amerish from 30 to 50

Bug Fixes
-The Hunter QCX crossbow can now be trialed
-Fixed audio not playing when reloading an empty Hunter QCX crossbow
-Corrected the look of the Stargazer when camo is applied
-Fixed an issue where the damage from flying over an enemy's spawn room would sometimes persist
-Camos should now apply to all vehicle cosmetic attachments
-All bolt action sniper rifles will now play the reload animation when they are empty
-Client crash fix
-Server optimization

All Infiltrator cloaks now become less visible at a faster rate after sprinting. This is especially noticeable when transitioning from sprinting to crouching.

Hunter QCX normal bolt damage adjustments
-Minimum damage range increased from 30 to 35 meters
-Maximum damage range increased from 50 to 60 meters
-This makes the bolt a consistent 2 shot kill against full nanoweave targets for up to 40 meters

Hunter QCX explosive bolt damage adjustments
-Min damage range increased from 20 to 30 meters
-Max damage range increased from 40 to 50 meters
-This makes the bolt a consistent 8 shots to kill against stock MAX units for up to 40 meters

-Purging old characters

13th February Patch, Infiltrator update and a lot of other changes & bug fixes

This will be the first major test of the server upgrades and DB maintenance they did to try and mitigate the slow log in after patch issue, fingers crossed & touch wood everyone!

Source: https://forums.station...-6-am-pt-3-pm-cet.172843/

Downtime Start: 6 AM PT (3 PM CET) *Time Zone Converter
Downtime ETA: Up to 2 hours

Patch Notes:

-The lost bonus membership certs have been restored. The individual amounts vary from player to player, depending on the amount lost. The grant includes an extra percentage as a thank you for your patience while we sorted this issue out.
-The lost individual WDS points have been restored. To make this as fair as possible, we moved everyone to one point below the next tier reward, which is a significant bump of extra points for most folks. Thanks for participating, and we appreciate all the great feedback on this event.

New Tool: Motion Spotter
-When placed, the motion spotter spots all nearby moving enemy players on the mini-map
New Ability: Stalker Cloak
-Stalker cloak does not drain energy as long as the infiltrator remains stationary, allowing the cloak to last indefinitely. However, stalker cloak prevents the use of the infiltrators primary weapon and regenerates slower than the hunter cloak.
New Suit Slot: Adrenaline Pump
-Increases the Infiltrator's sprint speed while equipped
New Armor Choices: Gold and Lumifiber
New Weapon: MKV Suppressed
-The MKV has an integrated suppressor that prevents the user from showing on the minimap when firing. It features superior bullet velocity and long range stopping power compared to SMGs using optional aftermarket suppressors.
New Weapon: Hunter QCX
-The powerful Hunter QCX Quad-Cam crossbow is a lightweight sidearm, capable of silently taking out targets up to medium range with deadly precise bolts. Has two unique rail attachments.
--Explosive Bolt: Replaces the default bolt with an explosive tipped variant that does light damage to MAX units and other enemy armor
--Recon Bolt: Replaces the default bolt with a low damage variant that includes a sensor device. The sensor can detect enemy movement within a limited range
Cloak Improvements
-Reduced the cloak visibility when moving in all states except for sprinting. Sprinting retains the same visibility setting as before
-Cloak visibility will now transition faster when changing from one movement state to another
--For example, cloaked players will now reach the lower visibility state faster after they stop moving
-Fixed a bug that that was sometimes preventing the cloak visibility state from updating correctly
--For example, crouching will now always enter the crouch state. No more having to move slightly to reach the lowest visibility setting.
EMP grenades will now destroy the below enemy explosives and deployables. This destroy effect will even work through cover.
-Tank Mines
-Personal Mines
-Placed Motion Spot tools
-Detect Tool sensors (this includes crossbow bolts)
-Spawn Beacons

Darklight Flashlights
All Flashlight weapon attachments have been converted into Darklight Flashlights.
-The rail mounted Darklight Flashlight can illuminate hostile cloaked infiltrators and dark areas but the light can give away your position. The light can be turned on and off with the Toggle Attachment hotkey
-Cloaked Infiltrators will see their first person arms change color if they’re being illuminated by darklight as feedback

Squad Boosts
-They've returned to the Depot and have been improved.
-The self-buff portion of squad xp boosts is now 50%, up from 30%
-All squad xp boosts now buff the squad's xp gain by 5% per boost, up from 3%.
-Activating squad boosts will notify squad members that one has been activated.
-All Italy Alpha Squad and Heroic Boosts now buff squad xp gains by 5%, including those already equipped.

Valentine's Day
-For a limited time you can purchase pink and black/pink variants of the Hunter QCX. Getting kills with each special V-Day weapon will unlock a unique title.
-See the Depot for a selection of themed items and check out the Cheap Date and Unwanted Advance Bundles for the best value.

Amp Stations
-Layout adjustments to Zurvan and Dahaka
-Adjusted Dahaka to provide more cover in the vehicle bay.
-Adjusted Zurvan walls to provide more visual awareness inside the base.

WDS Preseason
Changed scoring values based on Preseason Feedback
-Small Outpost:
--Capture / Hold value scales 2 -> 8
--Defend value scales 3 -> 25
-Large Outposts
--Capture, Hold, and Defend value scales 4 -> 16
-Bio Labs
--Capture Hold & Defend value scales 8 -> 32
-Tech Plants & Amp Stations
--Capture / Hold value scales 8 ->32
--Defend Value scales 12 -> 50
-Bio labs and large outposts have a smaller defend scaling simply because they have 3+ points and they are easy to cheese and get a lot of extra defense points out of it. So we lowered the value on these so the entire event doesn't boil down to cheesing these two facility types.


Tank mines are now smaller

Coyote Missiles:
Inner Radius Blast Range reduced from 1 meter to 0.35 meters
Inner Radius Blast Damage reduced from 334 damage to 200 damage
Decoy Flares will now prevent Coyote missiles from locking on

Hornet Missiles
Projectile Speed increased from 100 meters a second to 125 meters a second

Tomcat Missiles
You can now switch weapons once the missile is in flight and still maintain lock

Antares LC projectile speed increased from 700 to 800 (matching the Saron)

M20 Kestrel projectile speed increased from 650 to 750 (matching the M20 Mustang)

M18 Locust projectile speed increased from 650 to 750 (matching the Needler)

ESF Racer frames have had their cruising speed bonus increased.
-Reaver/Scythe Rank 3 now grants around +35 KPH up from +20 KPH
-Mosquito Rank 3 now grants around +30 KPH up from +10 KPH

Underbarrel Grenade Launchers: Increased direct hit damage from 750 to 800. This was mainly to give a slight damage increase against MAX units and armor

Pump-action shotguns are no longer stuck in iron sights during the chamber animation

Semi-auto Scout Rifles: NC Shadow, TR HSR-1, VS Nyx
-Increased min damage from 250 to 280
-Projectile velocity increased from 500 to 550 on NC and TR, from 500 to 540 on VS (lower because of no drop)

-Audio pass on Rocket Launchers. They should be heard at further distances and more distinct.

Bug Fixes
-Fixed a case where locked on projectiles would ignore terrain
-Explosives will now blow up deployables and other explosives
-Fixed a bug that was often causing explosives to do partial damage. Explosion damage will now be more consistent across the board
-Fixed healing grenades not functioning at all
-Fixed an issue where the medic tool's heal beam would be invisible
-Reload audio for the T9 Carv and T9 Carv-S will now be synced with the animation
-Fixed issue where sometimes there were two liberator icons when previewing vehicle items
-The NC14 Bolt Driver's Rail slot options are properly available as certifications again
-Fixed an issue where notifications would sometimes persist
-Fixed a case where vehicle debris would do too much damage to other vehicles
-Fixed misspellings on External Fuel Tank certifications
-Fixed tooltip error in scout radar descriptions
-Fixed an issue where the reload HUD timer didn't match the weapon's animation in the centralized HUD mode
-The effect for the Heavy Assault resist shield will stay on for the entire duration of the ability
-Fixed fire animation sometimes freezing on burst weapons
-Visual tracers will no longer go through collision
-Can now obtain Auraxium Medal on the M9 SKEP Launcher. NOTE: Kills earned before this fix do not count towards progress
-Fixed issue where some platinum weapon variants (NS-15MP, NS-11CP and NS-357P Underboss) did not award ribbons
-Fixed some invalid attachments showing up for Coyote Missiles in VR zone
-Fixed the NS-44P Commissioner (platinum variant) having less ammo than the other Commissioner variants

5th February Patch
Source: https://forums.station...8%2F#.UvHvSzXOX8U.twitter

There aren't any features in this patch that particularly stand out, but I suspect some of the bug fixes will be welcomed.

Downtime Start: 6 AM PT (3 PM CET) *Time Zone Converter
Downtime ETA: 90 Minutes

Patch Notes

Known Issues:

-We are not performing our cert reimbursement for this update and will definitely be doing it for next week’s update. Unfortunately, we need to postpone this in order to work around our issue with character loading that occurs on patch days.
-The patch day character load issue should be resolved before next week’s update but shouldn’t happen in this week’s update due to the above workaround.
-We’re still working on a fix for a server crash that happens occasionally

-New Sunderer cosmetics available in the Depot
-Galaxy cosmetics are available in the Depot
-New Player Studio items released every week!

-Optimization pass for Liberator and its attachments (texture reduction pass)
-Optimization pass for Lightning and its attachments

Vivox Voice Chat Upgrade:
-Improved audio quality
-Reduced CPU usage on client
-Reduced audio latency

Bug Fixes:
-Healing and Repairing Service Ribbons should now function again
-Fixed a client crash that would occur when closing a Twitch stream
-Fixed an issue that could cause blank member and daily sales
-Fixed an issue where the Prowler appears to be firing three rounds at range, but is only firing one
-Fixed M20 Basilisk-F not animating when firing.
-Fixed an issue with faction colors not showing up on vehicles at long range
-Fix for overlapping turrets at Freyr

30 January 2014 patch: AMS on all Sunderers for free, squad spawning, increase to 'deploy kill' xp bonus
Source: https://forums.station...9%2F#.UuohSBX24tA.twitter

Downtime Start: 6 AM PT (3 PM CET) *Time Zone Converter
Downtime ETA: Up to 3 hours (staggered unlock – hopefully for the last time)

Patch Notes:

Known Issues
-We’ve enhanced logging to detect the membership certification benefit issue. We hope to find it quickly and have an update out soon. For all those missing certs, we’ll be reimbursing and throwing a little something extra on top.
-Long login times on patch days. We’re close to a couple fixes on this, but don’t have anything quite yet.

Squad Vehicle Spawning
-In an effort to encourage squad cohesiveness and increase available spawn options we are adding the ability to spawn in squad owned transport vehicles.
-Vehicle spawning is limited to Galaxies and Sunderers that are occupied and owned by a squad member.
-The Sunderer AMS no longer requires an item to be equipped in order to function. Once the certification is purchased, it is always available. This frees up the Utility slot on the Sunderer for other items.
-Squad Vehicle Spawn Bonus Reward: Vehicle owners receive 10 XP when squadmates spawns in their Sunderer or Galaxy, which matches the current squad spawn beacon XP reward

-Moved Ally and Enemy filters into a new section called “Heat Maps”
-Added WDS capture and defend point heat maps to help identify the point-rich regions
-Refined lattice line art

-Deploy Kill Bonus: Vehicle owners now receive 50 XP per kill, up from 5 XP, when passengers exit the vehicle and kill enemy players
-Automated Warpgate rotations are now scheduled. The first one is THIS FRIDAY!
-We've done a lot of backend work to support WDS, so keep an eye out for another pre-season
-Squad deploy and instant action timers now trigger independently

Bug Fixes
-HUD indicators for ally aircraft will once again only be displayed if they are in line of sight
-Fixed an issue that sometimes caused spawn points in contested areas to not display on the deployment map
-Removed "capture" and "hold" text from shield generator HUD icons
-Fixed an issue that sometimes caused loadout tooltips to not display
-Removed incorrect green hue to some layers of the Reaper helmet to make it consistent with other TR helms.
-Shield generator HUD icons will read Overload or Destroy again.
-Kill notifications are now able to display longer names without truncation

Performance and Tech
-Reduced VO quality by a notch to improve client memory usage
-Server performance optimization
-Client crash fixes
-Zone crash fixes